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September Breaktime: Empowering Employees with a Growth Mindset

September Breaktime: Empowering Employees with a Growth Mindset

On September 6, 2023, the employees of Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs, commenced their September Breaktime with a spiritually enriching mass presided over by Reverend Father Ogie Orpiada. The gathering was a source of inspiration and upliftment for everyone in attendance, with the solemnity and reverence of the occasion that profoundly impacted the hearts and minds of all those present. 

During the ninth September Breaktime celebration, all new hires for the month are welcomed into AOC’s expanding family and greeted all September birthday celebrants and employees who marked their work anniversaries, acknowledging the significant milestones they achieved in AOC as well as congratulating Meg Paloyo, Partner for Accounting Services on her wedding, acknowledging the happy milestone in her life.

 In addition, they took great pride in recognizing the notable milestone achieved by Rochel Taruc for the successful completion of her secondment to Walker Wayland Australia. This accomplishment is a testament to her competence and unwavering dedication to her work. 

Followed by this is Alas Oplas, Managing Director, Human Resource, Jenny C. Catapang, who talked about Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) responsibility and what it means to us. Emphasizing the impact wholistically, be it with the clients, employees, governing bodies, or our stakeholders, which includes the environment where AOC operates. 

To kick things off and add some excitement to the event, Rogh Barroga, the game master, came up with a quick and engaging icebreaker activity centered around the theme of “growth.”

Subsequently, the event was graced by the highly esteemed Senior Partner of the firm Glesie R. Martinez, who delivered her monthly updates, highlighting the ESG drive. Her speech was informative and engaging, as she stressed the importance of ESG and how it is not just about corporate and social responsibility but also about the involvement of employees for real sustainability. She encouraged the employees to participate and develop a project for the ESG drive, making a meaningful contribution towards a better future. 

To enrich the minds of AOC employees with valuable insights and knowledge, a webinar entitled “The Power of a Growth Mindset” was organized as the focal of the September Breaktime event. The webinar was led by the Chief Inspiration Officer of TrainingEdge, Inc., Cris Lorenzana, who shared an engaging and enlightening experience for all attendees that by adopting a growth mindset, you can break through your psychological barriers and overcome self-doubt, fear of failure, and other limiting beliefs that hold you back. You can develop a stronger sense of confidence, resilience, and adaptability and achieve your full potential in life. Lastly, Senior Tax Associate Angelo Honor of the Tax Advisory Department and Shantha Guia, Junior Tax Associate, discussed the Tax updates for July 2023.

As  September Breaktime celebrations concluded, AOC employees came together to celebrate achievements, growth, and enrichment. The event featured spirituality, engaging activities, informative speeches, and an inspiring webinar, instilling a strong growth mindset. With support from leaders and colleagues, AOC employees are poised to make impactful contributions to the company and the wider world.