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October Golf of Chairman

October Golf of Chairman

A Day of Greens and Collaboration at Sta. Elena

On October 5, 2023, Alas Oplas’ Chairman, Donnies Alas, enjoyed a round of golf with the XCL Board of Directors and four other notable personalities: Bert de Luna, Ernie Porillo, Bert Sarmenta, and Mario Chan. They had a friendly golf match at the picturesque Sta. Elena Golf Course. It was a day filled with lush greens and friendly competition. After the golf, they proceeded to a board meeting.

Early Morning Golf Session Sets the Tone


The morning of October 19, 2023, promised an exciting start for the Board of Directors of Scheeling Inc. as they headed out for an early round of golf at 6:00 a.m. The venue for their golf session was none other than the prestigious Sta Elena Golf and Country Club, where the lush greens and scenic views set the perfect backdrop for the game. The board members present included Chairman Bert Sarmenta, Alas Oplas’ Chairman Donnies T. Alas, President Mario Chan, Director Ernie

Porillo, Director Abe Villacorta, and Treasurer Bert de Luna. It was an excellent opportunity for them to bond over a shared love for golf and discuss vital matters related to the company in a relaxed and informal setting.