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Channeling a Structured Leadership at CEO Gathering

Channeling a Structured Leadership at CEO Gathering

One of the December highlights unveiled a multitude of leaders in progress, the Alas Oplas CEO gathering at PITX Paranaque.The 15th of December features an insightful event initiated by the Founding Partner and CEO of Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs Marycris Oplas. Her utmost effort in refining the rhythm of the company sprouts from gathering all her associates, seniors, and managers in two sessions– morning and afternoon. This workshop became a platform for leadership to be harnessed within the hidden potentials of the participants. Marycris upholds the value of communication, believing it to be a key to the significant development of various skills.

Prompted with collective questions from Marycris’s presentation, the 231 associates, seniors, and 30 managers independently imparted their outlook, judgment, and intelligence. This allows a great way of maximizing a variety of perspectives with one question each from a whole lot of minds. In encountering active participation, the questions revolve around experiences and mindsets. The gist showcases remote, onsite, and hybrid set-ups, identifying issues, social skills, and leadership, where everyone can yield and learn something from someone. Striving to make the entire room smart and competent, Marycris has given the attendees a chance to voice their minds and be listened to, a workshop that has been very inclusive of random concepts and thoughts.

Furthermore, the success of this assembly was also achieved through the aid and facilitation of the Human Resources, and Corporate Communications Team. Alas Oplas, through Marycris, affirms the firm not just as one but as #OneAOC through the quality of professional development defined and showcased on this occasion– young leaders growing all together.