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Alas, Oplas & Co., CPAs’ 33rd Anniversary Celebration Shines a Light on its Success

Alas, Oplas & Co., CPAs' 33rd Anniversary Celebration Shines a Light on its Success

Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs, a proud member of BKR International based in Manila, Philippines, recently celebrated its 33rd Anniversary, garnering attention from several local newspapers. The firm’s achievements and contributions to the industry, which also acknowledged its positive impact on local businesses, were highlighted in these publications. The celebration served as a testament to the firm’s leadership and staff, whose hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional services to its clients have contributed to its success over the years. With its strong reputation and track record, AOC, is well-positioned to continue providing valuable financial services to clients in the region and beyond.

The Business Mirror issue on November 13, highlights the firm’s commitment to resilience, perseverance, and growth, which allowed it to cement its position in the competitive accounting industry. Despite facing numerous challenges over the past three decades, from its humble beginnings to its current position as a significant player in the accounting world, AOC has overcome them and has grown exponentially, making its mark in the industry. The firm’s commitment to excellence and its focus on continuous improvement has enabled it to thrive in a competitive industry and strengthened its reputation as a leader in the field.

The Manila Times newspaper on November 14 issue reflects on the Founding Partner and CEO and the BKR Worldwide Chair Ms. Marycris Oplas’s career journey. Her outstanding accomplishments are a source of inspiration for aspiring individuals looking to establish a career in accounting and auditing. It is worth noting that her exceptional skills and unwavering commitment to her profession have contributed significantly to the growth and success of the firm.


While on November 15, the Malaya Business Insight, a local newspaper, features the company and highlights the pivotal moments that have shaped its journey. The article delves into inspiring tales of teamwork and explores strategic decisions that set AOC apart from the competition. AOC is a notable success story with a rich history, a passion for innovation, and a solid commitment to teamwork, all of which have led to its extraordinary success. The firm’s steadfast dedication to excellence has earned it a distinguished reputation in the industry.

With a team of accomplished professionals and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service, AOC is poised to continue its legacy of success as it embarks on its 33rd year. Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs celebrate this milestone with great pride and look forward to a bright future and its esteemed clientele.