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Mary Ann Duguran

Mary Ann A. Duguran

Managing Director, Corporate Communications

Meann is a dedicated professional who places a high value on accountability, reliability, and continuous learning. As the Managing Director for Corporate Communications at Alas Oplas, she carries out her responsibilities promptly and efficiently. Her role involves overseeing all internal and external communications, including the design, content, and production of marketing materials, press releases, internal newsletters, and website development.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Jose Rizal University in 2009, she embarked on her professional journey with Alas Oplas immediately after completing her studies. Throughout her 14 years with the company, she initially started as a web designer/developer, where she honed her technical skills and gained valuable experience.

Over time, her growth within the firm expanded beyond her comfort zone. Alas Oplas provided her with opportunities to work on projects that stretched her capabilities and contributed to her professional development. She also fostered relationships with numerous CPA practitioners nationwide, facilitated by Mr. Alas, who served as their mentor. In addition, she took on responsibilities related to organizing internal and external training sessions and conferences.

To further enrich her knowledge and broaden her perspectives in her field, she actively sought international opportunities. She participated in the 2022 BKR International Asia Pacific’s Future Leaders Program in Thailand and attended the BKR Asia Pacific Conference 2023 in Taiwan.

Meann’s commitment to continuous learning, technical expertise, and professional growth make her a reliable and capable Director for Corporate Communications. Her unwavering dedication to her work and willingness to embrace new challenges contribute significantly to Alas Oplas’ success in effectively communicating with both internal and external stakeholders.