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Summer Outing with Bacolod

Summer Outing with Bacolod Team

Happened during the warm season of the year, April 21, Alas Oplas Bacolod branch office journeyed on an outing with its earnest personnels. The trip took place at Splash Park located at Bacolod as one of the newest water parks in the city.

The opportunity of relaxation was taken advantage by the Bacolod employees through discovering various sight attractions inside the water park per se. One of which is a man-made waterfall named Prosperity Pond, which has been utilized by the employees as background for their aesthetic shots.

Furthermore, the rock garden of Splash Park has given the personnels another Instagram worthy spot as it was surrounded with such greeneries and dainty flowers exuding a therapeutic sense of nature amidst the hustling culture of the firm.

All in all, the trip allowed the team– headed by Managing Director of Bacolod, Ms. Krizza Oplas– to fill up their drained souls as they are deeply revitalized for the upcoming days of doing corporate responsibilities.