Tax Digest
Volume 10,
Series 60
Guideline on TRS

A functional guideline in implementing the Taxpayer Registration System (TRS) have been finally released after its first introduction in the pilot sites chosen by the bureau. The TRS under the Electronic Tax Information System – 1 (eTIS-1) was the first modules introduces after the registration system under the Integrated Tax System (ITS), which was developed mainly to assist and facilitate with ease the monitoring and process of the BIR for all taxpayer registration information. The function of the TRS to ease the registration of individual and non-individual taxpayer including their branches, facilities and generation of reports and correspondences.

With the current administration goals of reducing bureaucracy, the BIR goals for an efficient securing and monitoring taxpayer’s registration information including the reporting requirements in supporting the core functions of collecting revenues, the revenue order enshrined the following objective of the TRS, to wit:

  1. Prescribe the functional guidelines and procedures in its implementation;
  2. Redefine procedures in the Registration Processes to harmonize with subject functionality;
  3. Adapt the enhancement on the Registration System; and
  4. Adopt and implement the enhanced version of the application for registration forms pursuant to Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 09-2015.

Moreover, only those under Large Taxpayers Service, and Revenue District Offices (RDOs) under Revenue Region No. 8 – Makati, the eTIS-1 pilot sites shall use the enhanced registration forms prescribed. Finally, the previously issued CORs, TIN Cards and other correspondence with no updates in the registration information shall remain valid.

Revenue Memorandum Order No. 5-2017
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