Volume 6,
Issue 30
BREAK TIME (An HR Initiative)

June 4, 2014 – HR Break Time, at Alas Oplas Training Room, with all the Alliance employees.

Ms. Marycris Oplas, Managing Partner, started the program by announcing tons of good news to all employees. One of the good news that delighted everyone was the release of discretionary bonus to all qualified employees in grateful appreciation of their hard work, dedication and loyalty to the firm. Ms. Oplas also shared her experiences that lead the company to be a stronger firm amidst many obstacles that came in the way.

Apart part from Ms. Oplas' announcement, the firm also extends greetings to (4) four birthday celebrants of June namely Ms. Joy Mitra, Ms. Nica Banares, Ms. Dheza James and Ms. Sherlyn Martinez with a simple sweet gift that add smile on their faces.

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