Volume 5,
Issue 29
Egg Hatchery at Abucay, Bulacan

Souvenir shots from amazed and surprised faces of Mr. Donnies T. Alas with the Managing Directors, Ms. Racquel Villarante of BSU & Compliance Consulting Services, Inc. & Ms. Neth Cambiador of G Cross Systems & Process Inc., with Mr. Ray Hall President & CEO of Zena Zena Hatchery at Abucay Bataan last August 15, 2013.

Hatchery is a place where people raise chicken from eggs. Implementation in hatchery practice is only effective when the measures are applied from the first storage day onward. For instance, to hold eggs at the optimum storage temperature, the duration of storage of every batch of eggs must be known beforehand. Application in hatchery practice, requires good planning as regards setting schedules.

Incubation is a process by which certain oviparous (egg–laying) animals hatch their eggs, and to the development of embryo within the egg. The most vital factor of incubation is the constant temperature required for its development over a specific period. Incubation can successfully occur artificially in machines that provide the correct, controlled environment for the developing chick. The average incubation period for chicken is 21 days but may depend on the temperature and humidity in the incubator.

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