Who will grow with us?

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Why join Alas Oplas?


We guarantee career opportunity by actively developing our people for Partner position through the following:

  • Coaching Session
    - The size of the Firm provides our people the easy access to supervision giving them the opportunity to grow professionally regardless of their length of stay, mainly on their passion for learning and development.
  • Continuing Professional Education Programs
    - We have also lined up a Continuing Professional Education program for our people structured not only as a formal learning session but also as a guided implementation of most up to date standard of the profession.
  • Secondment Program
    - We offer eligible candidates the secondment opportunities to other BKR member firms to grow professionally, technically and exposed to other cultures.


We offer competitive compensation packages and variable incentive compensation based on:

  • Productivity
  • Technical Performance
  • Personality Development


The welfare of our people is of utmost importance that is why we offer comprehensive health and life insurance to all our regular employees.
For our key people, we provide benefit package that suits their needs and preferences.


We continuously promote an environment of belongingness, growth , work-life balance and stability to our people, our most valued resource.