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Building Avenue for a Greater Good: A Shared Services’ Voluntary Effort

Building Avenue for a Greater Good: A Shared Services' Voluntary Effort

As one with Alas Oplas’ strong morals and Corporate Social Responsibility, the Shared Services team initiated an outreach program on the day of Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary– December 8, 2023. It was simply held at the Makati center of Virlanie Foundation, Inc., a Philippine children’s non-profit and non-sectarian organization.

Virlanie provides the utmost excellence, integrity, and accountability in childcare and promotes children’s rights by demonstrating vitality and resilience. They have been operating since 1987 on collaborative engagements and commitments through the aid of their beneficiaries, partners, and donors.

The growing number of deprived children calls for a multitude of greater support from those who are capable. In opting to provide a substantial cause to the community, the Shared Team puts forth an effort to connect with these children and uplift the spirit of Christmas.

During the morning of December 8, a collective number of eighteen toddlers were all smiles, giving their warmest welcome to the team. AOC Shared has prepared four games, namely, Hep Hep Hooray, Over Under Relay, Stop Dance, and Trip to Jerusalem. All of these were actively participated in by the Virlanie kids. In line with striving to impart happiness to the children, loot bags and prizes were assembled composed of writing and art materials, tumblers, mugs, snacks, and more.

Fate has it that such an account of the event has commenced on the day where a great joy of God’s gift to humanity is widely celebrated, the Conception of Mary. It has radiated the essence of AOC Shared’s humility in sharing their love’s abundance and resources.

Alas Oplas, by way of Shared Services’ deed, is one with Virlanie Foundation, Inc. in empowering and establishing avenues for the betterment of the children’s lives. Being the steward of change, this project has widely contributed to the community’s welfare.