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Alas Oplas Empowers Employees through Informative EWT Webinar

Alas Oplas Empowers Employees through Informative EWT Webinar

On July 3, 2023, Alas Oplas took a proactive step towards promoting responsible tax practices within its organization by hosting a highly informative webinar on Expanded Withholding Tax (EWT). 

The webinar featured Tax Director Fernando Santos as the esteemed speaker and was thoughtfully conducted by the firm’s proficient Tax Team. The webinar garnered significant interest, attracting over 110 participants from diverse branches of Alas Oplas. The main objective of the webinar was to equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of EWT, covering essential topics such as the importance and significance of withholding taxes, the various types of withholding taxes applicable in different scenarios, and the legal foundations and regulations governing EWT. 

Throughout the session, Tax Director Fernando Santos addressed common mistakes related to EWT, providing valuable insights that would help employees avoid potential errors in their tax responsibilities. By nurturing employees’ awareness and knowledge of EWT, Alas Oplas aimed to encourage strict compliance with tax regulations across all branches and uphold ethical standards in tax practices. 

The webinar served as a platform for open discussions and interactive learning, allowing participants to seek clarification on complex tax concepts and engage in meaningful conversations regarding tax compliance. 

Alas Oplas’ commitment to fostering a culture of responsible tax practices was evident through this successful initiative. By empowering its employees with valuable knowledge and insights, the firm strives to set a positive example in the industry, promoting transparency and adherence to tax laws.