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Alas Oplas & Co., CPA’s November Breaktime: Celebrating 33 Years Filled with Driven Eye

Alas Oplas & Co., CPA's November Breaktime: Celebrating 33 Years Filled with Driven Eye

The November Breaktime of Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs (AOC) began with a meaningful and encouraging mass officiated by the respected Father Ogie Orpiada. Afterward, the event moderator, Aijah Melicha Rosales, extended a warm welcome to all the employees and staff present, marking the start of the special breaktime celebration that featured the 33rd anniversary of AOC. The event was themed “33 Years Filled with Driven Eye”.

At the eleventh Special Breaktime celebration, new staff members were warmly welcomed into the growing family of Alas Oplas. The event also recognized staff members who marked their work anniversaries in November and those who recently celebrated their birthdays. It also provided an opportunity to commend the hard work and dedication of the long-standing employees who have significantly contributed to the growth of AOC over the years. Furthermore, a quick glance at the highlights of the recent BKR International 2023 Annual Worldwide Meeting, held in Washington, DC, from October 28 – 31, 2023, with the theme “What Will Your Legacy Be?” reveals that Donnies T. Alas the Founding Partner and Chairman, along with Marycris S. Oplas, the Founding Partner and CEO, Glesie R. Martinez, the Senior Partner, Ryan A. Sabug, the Managing Partner, and Fernando O. Santos, the Tax Advisory Services Partner, were all in attendance. From the brief overview of the event, it is apparent that there are forthcoming developments. Then, as part of AOC’s continuous effort to achieve sustainability, each branch or team will be featured monthly to encourage them to share their thoughts and practices in minimizing waste and promoting proper disposal.


During the recent meeting, several noteworthy announcements were also made. Firstly, it was revealed that the year-end party will follow a Modern Filipiniana theme. Tin Pangalangan presented this concept to bring the event a fresh and exciting feel. Such a theme is expected to add a unique cultural touch to the party while also providing an opportunity for attendees to appreciate the rich and diverse heritage of the Philippines. Next is the upcoming associate-senior and managers meeting with AOC’s founder and CEO, Marycris S. Oplas. The forthcoming gathering will provide an opportunity for attendees to meet with the CEO. This highly anticipated meeting will offer valuable insights and information to all participants. Then, BKR International redefined its brand through its new logo featuring three curved ascenders representing inclusivity and unity in its core values and clearly defining BKR’s purpose and vision. After that, the meeting was graced by AOC’s highly esteemed CEO and Founding Partner, Marycris Oplas, who delivered her monthly updates and motivational talk. 

Finally, the event’s highlight is the commemoration of AOC’s 33rd Anniversary as we take a nostalgic journey down memory lane and delve into the remarkable history of Alas Oplas. And to spice things up, Rogielyn Barroga brought some excitement to the event with an icebreaker activity featuring famous content creators and influencers, adding a playful twist. Lastly, Grizelle Poliquit, Payroll Associate of the AOC Paranaque Branch, presented a comprehensive introduction to the MiHCM, the new HRIS system of AOC. 

As the Special Breaktime celebration ended, the employees of AOC left with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation. The event not only celebrated the company’s 33rd Anniversary but also recognized the contributions of its hardworking staff members. With new developments on the horizon, including the upcoming year-end party and associate-senior and manager meeting, there is much to look forward to. As AOC continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to providing excellent service while fostering a sense of family and community among its employees.