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Joy Mitra

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Joy C. Mitra

Director, International Outsource

Joy, a Certified Public Accountant, holds the position of Director for International Outsource at Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs.

Having been with the firm for over ten years, Joy is a homegrown partner who has accumulated meaningful and professional experience in local accounting and bookkeeping, with a particular focus on service-oriented industries. Additionally, she has gained expertise in the accounting of trust companies and individual tax return preparation through collaboration with an Australian BKR member firm.

In 2019, Joy expanded her scope of work by venturing into remote audit, review, and compilation services for Non-Profit Organizations, as well as Affordable Housing and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LITHC) Partnership and Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts. This experience has further enhanced her skills and knowledge in the field.

As part of her professional development, Joy attended the 2019 BKR International Asia Pacific’s first Future Leaders’ Program in Thailand. This program provided her with valuable experiences and opportunities to enhance her expertise in various aspects of accountancy, as well as develop her interpersonal skills.

Joy’s extensive experience, expertise, and continuous professional growth contribute to her success as a Director for International Outsource. Her ability to effectively manage international accounting engagements, coupled with her strong interpersonal skills, allows her to provide exceptional service to clients and contribute to the overall success of Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs.