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May Breaktime

A Union of Honor in Alas Oplas’ Special May Breaktime

In celebration of Labor Day and to welcome the new month, Alas Oplas hosted the May Breaktime 2023 event on May 3, 2023. The occasion served as a tribute to the acts of valor displayed by attendees in their corporate endeavors and personal agendas.

The festivities commenced with a mass officiated by Father Ogie Orpiada, offering gratitude and devotion on the Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles. AOC’s moderator, Aijah Rosales, then warmly welcomed all workers and staff, officially opening the Special Breaktime celebration.

During the event, Alas Oplas celebrated the new hires for the month of May, recognizing their contributions to the firm. Additionally, the company extended congratulations to individuals on their work anniversaries, acknowledging their fruitful years with AOC. The celebration also included honoring the Taurus and Gemini May babies among AOC’s staff, and recognizing their birthdays.

To add an element of fun, Rogielyn Barroga organized an icebreaker activity called “Name the Profession.” Following the icebreaker, Meg Paloyo, Partner, Accounting Services, led a discussion centered around the significance of labor. Meg emphasized that the observance of labor should extend beyond a single day of celebration. Rather, it should become a daily practice of recognition and appreciation, considering the long days of hecticness experienced by the AOC team. She acknowledged the collective efforts and hard work of each individual during busy seasons and phases of the firm.

During the event, Ms. Marycris Oplas shared a BKR story, providing updates on the firm’s participation in the BKR Conference in Taipei. She highlighted that behind all the deadlines and hard work, there are rewards to be reaped, including recognition, partnership, and promotion, which everyone can look forward to.

The May Breaktime 2023 celebration served as a meaningful way to honor the valor demonstrated by AOC’s attendees and to acknowledge significant milestones. It fostered camaraderie, celebrated achievements, and reinforced the value of hard work and dedication within the firm.