Business and Economic Update
Issue 03
Welcome to our new publication

We have witnessed huge declines in world oil prices late this month, along with turmoil in global stock markets. We saw a similar huge price cuts in world oil prices in 2008-2009, and it was because of weak oil demand caused by the global financial turmoil, weak growth and even contraction in some major economies in the world.

This year’s huge oil price decline is different. It is not caused by weak demand but by strong supply as some non-OPEC economies like the US and Canada have become major oil producers in the world. This is a result of significant technological improvement in getting shale oil from their territories.

Is continued oil price decline a good thing or a bad thing for us in the developing world?

While there are people who say that this is bad, majority would say that this is good as oil is a major input in so many economic activities, from powering farm tractors to fishing boats to trucks and buses that transport huge volume of people and commodities everyday.

Our third issue of the Business and Economic Newsletter will tackle this and related issues. This phenomenon has many business implications for us in the Philippines and the rest of the world.

As usual, we pack this monthly publication with lots of useful data and information. Readers can formulate their own conclusions and business insights from the various tables and charts that are presented here.

We hope you will find these data and analysis useful for your business decision making.


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